31 Mar 2021
Suez Canal Delays – Update 2

Further to our earlier notice with the good news that the Ever Given vessel was re-floated and on its way to anchorage. Traffic through the Suez Canal has now commenced. The southbound convoy entered the canal with 48 vessels that moved from Port Said anchorage. The northbound convoy is to follow…

30 Mar 2021
Suez Canal Delays - Update

Overnight news has been received that the 20,388 TEU vessel Ever Given has now been re-floated and making her way to Great Bitter Lake. The Suez Canal is expected to be re-opened within the next 24 hours.  There is however still major congestion and forthcoming delays are expected as  the 357…

26 Mar 2021
Suez Canal Delays

Due to an incident occurring on Tuesday March 23rd  the Suez Canal passage is currently blocked to vessels in both directions. A container ship operated by Evergreen Marine was knocked off course by strong winds and a sandstorm leading to a mega-vessel be wedged sideways within the canal.   Whilst…

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