24 Sep 2020
Sydney Port Congestion Surcharge Trans-Tasman Trade

Further to our communications of 14th and 17th September regarding the congestion surcharge in Sydney. Please note  Hamburg Sud and Maersk have today announced that due to ongoing congestion at Sydney Port they will be implementing a Sydney Port Congestion Surcharge. This will be applied at a…

17 Sep 2020
Sydney Port Congestion Surcharge - Update 3 : CMACGM | ANL * Update *

Further to our communication of September 14th CMA CGM|ANL have decided not to instigate their Sydney Port Congestion Surcharge. This surcharge WILL NOT be applied on any Trans Tasman shipments both East and West bound. This will now only be applied as per the below guidelines ; Export cargo for…

14 Sep 2020
Sydney Port Congestion Surcharge - Update 2

Import Cargo AU to NZ Unfortunately due to the extremely limited notice that CMA CGM | ANL have given the market we have no choice but to pass this additional cost on to our valued customers effective from all vessels departing Sydney on|after September 17th. This will be applied to LCL cargo at a…

11 Sep 2020
Sydney Port Congestion Surcharge - ANL

Please be advised that due to severe congestion at Port of Sydney, ANL are implementing a Port Congestion Surcharge. This will be charged at US$ 285.00 per TEU.   This will be effective as per the below outline : Non USA trades Export cargo     for all vessels departing Sydney on or after…

10 Sep 2020
Sydney Port Congestion Surcharge - MSC

Please  note  that  MSC  will  be  introducing  a Port Congestion Surcharge on all shipments in to and out of Sydney of US$ 300.00 per TEU. This will be applied to all FCL shipments on MSC in to or out of Sydney.  The surcharge will be introduced with the following validity: Import Cargo    for…

7 Apr 2016
Port Botany Strike Notice

Please see the below notice that we have just received from FTA Freight Trade Alliance. Late Tuesday afternoon the Maritime Union of Australia provided notice it would engage in a 48-hour strike at the Sydney AutoStrad Terminal beginning next Wednesday April 13th at 06:00hrs and ending 06:00hrs…

1 Mar 2016
Sydney - Patrick Update on Container Terminals Industrial Action - 29th February

Please see below an update on the  status of Protected Industrial Action at Patrick Container Terminals.  Unfortunately, the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) has decided to re-engage in Protected Industrial Action undertaken earlier this year. The MUA have notified us that it will engage in a…

6 Dec 2013
Terminal Handling Charge - Sydney

Please be advised that NSW Ports has imposed new charges onto container operators moving containers through the Port BotanyTerminals.  As a result, effective from 1st January 2014 the updated THC’s for Sydney originating cargo will be as follows for all FCL on ANL.            AU$ 366.00 per 20ft GP…

19 Oct 2012
Cancellation of Sydney Sideloader Surcharge

We are happy to advise the Sydney sideloader surcharge has been cancelled so will no longer be applied (refer to news item posted on 5th October) if more information required.

5 Oct 2012
Sideloader Surcharge - Sydney

We have been advised that with effect from October 25th 2012, Patrick Terminals in Sydney will be implementing a "Side Loader Surcharge" of AU$100.00 / per truck visit to the terminal.  The rationale for this surcharge is to cover additional labour costs that are incurred by the terminal to…

30 Sep 2011
Australia - Sydney

Mondiale are pleased to announce we will now be offering three LCL sailings a week from Sydney to Auckland.  Our website schedule reflects this new service.

16 Jun 2011
Qantas Trans Tasman Freighter on hold

Update: 16 June Midday - The freighter has again been cancelled for tonight and also Fri 17th. Concerns over the Volcanic Ash cloud have caused Qanats to cancel their freighter flight for the last two days. They are re-evaluating today and an update is expected this afternoon. If you have any…

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