1 Jun 2010
LCL BAF increase ex North Europe / UK from 1st June

Please note that the EUR BAF will increase from USD 23 to USD 24 per w/m effective the 1st of June 2010.

LCL rates increase ex North Europe / UK from 1st July

At this stage there will be a rate increase of EUR 6 per w/m in the oceanfreight LCL rate from North Europe (including Scandinavia) / UK from 1st July. This is to compensate for a planned GRI of EUR 150 per 20ft by our main service provider. We will confirm this increase closer to the time

31 Mar 2010
Seafreight rates ex North Europe, UK, Scandinavia

LCL Al rates will increase by EUR 6.00 per w/m from 1st April. This is to cover the General Rate Increase being applied by our main service providers from 1st April. FCL Shipping lines will increase container rates from the above areas from 1st April. The increases vary between USD 150.00 –…

19 Feb 2010
Seafreight Space ex Europe / UK / Mediterranean

There is a major shortage of space on container ships leaving Europe / UK / Med ports, then for us in New Zealand at the transhipment ports of Singapore / Cartagena. The shortage of space on vessels exiting Europe (mainly for Asia) is unexpected and the reasons not completely clear. Whole…

20 Jan 2010
Hamburg Sud Panama Canal Surcharge for Europe / UK containers

From 15th February the following Surcharge will apply for all Full Container (FCL) shipments booked with HAMBURG SUD: Containers ex Nth Europe / UK / Scandinavia EUR 30 per 20ft / EUR 60 per 40ft Containers ex Spain and Italy USD 45 per 20ft / USD 90 per 40ft

1 Dec 2009
Export Seafreight - Panama Canal Surcharge to UK / Europe

We wish to advise that due to the implementation of a Panama Canal Surcharge by the shipping lines on their PAD service, we will be charging a PCS surcharge on our UK / Europe FAK Service. This will be charged at USD 5.50 per m3 or 1000Kgs (effective 1st Jan 2010).

30 Nov 2009
Reduction in Maersk Peak Season Surcharge ex UK and Italy

Please note that MAERSK no longer charge a Peak Season Surcharge from the UK and have reduced their Surcharge from Italy to EUR 75 per 20ft / EUR 150 per 40ft.

18 Oct 2009
Hamburg Sud - Security Fee increases for FCLs (Europe / UK)

Please note Hamburg Sud will be increasing both Europe Port and Container Security Fees from 15th Nov. They will be :- Europe Terminal Security EUR 14.00 per container to EUR 16.00 UK Terminal Security UKP 3.50 per container to UKP 5.50 Container Security USD 6.00 per container to USD…

17 Oct 2009
UK / Europe / Mediterranean / Middle East Peak Season Surcharge - Maersk Only

From 27th October MAERSK will be introducing a Peak Season Surcharge of EUR 200 per 20ft / EUR 400 per 40ft from UK / Europe / Med and USD 200 per 20ft / USD 400 per 40ft from Middle East Ports (Turkey etc). It is unknown how long this surcharge will be in place but best guess would be until mid…

5 Oct 2009
Possible increases in Airfreight Rates ex Europe and UK

Our European Airfreight agents have advised that most airlines have announced their intention to increase airfreight rates by 10% - 30% in the near future. All carriers have reduced flights due to the global passenger downturn and because of this a general cargo space shortage has been created.…

30 Sep 2009
North Europe / UK FCL rate increases

Please note the main shipping lines servicing the Europe southbound route have increased their rates by varying amounts. The carriers in USDs will be increasing their rates between USD 100.00 per 20ft / USD 200.00 per 40ft up to USD 300.00 per 20ft / USD 600.00 per 40ft from 1st October. The…

4 Mar 2008
Import Seafreight: Southampton - UK Port Delays

Southampton is continuing to experience major shipping delays due to operational problems with port cranes. Many of the carriers on the Asian route call Southampton in the UK, and these delays are affecting their schedules to the extent that they are not returning to transhipment hubs like…

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