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Valparaiso Express | Spirit of SPore22/1013/1216/1217/12
CMACGM Jean Gabriel Maersk Izmir 4729/1020/1223/1224/12
Callao Express | Maersk Inverness 4805/1127/1230/1231/12
Santos Express|Spirit of Shanghai 4912/1103/0106/0107/01
CMACGM Tanya | Olivia Maersk 5019/1110/0113/0114/01
Guayaquil Exprs|Safmarine Bayete 5126/1117/0120/0121/01
CMACGM Niagara | Spirit of Sydney 5203/1224/0127/0128/01
Cosco Shipping Danube|Oluf Maersk 5310/1231/0103/0204/02
Cartagena Express|Spirit of Akld 10117/1207/0210/0211/02
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