The Mondiale Freight Services yard is a Customs bonded, MPI, RACA, RMP certified site. It contains heavy industrial equipment and multiple hazards. All visitors must agree to adhere to the following procedures prior to being allowed on to the site.

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  • Rules & Regulations
    All visitors to Mondiale must adhere to this list of rules. These rules are not meant to impose upon visitors, but are mandated by safety management and regulatory compliances, such as Aviation Security and Customs.
  • Site Plan / Map
    An annotated map of the Mondiale site in Auckland.

Site Rules & Regulations

At all times visitors MUST:

  • Be accompanied by a staff member or
  • Be in a safe zone and under the instruction of a forklift operator,
  • Follow all signage and vehicle safe zones

Personal Protective Equipment and Personal Safety

The following personal protective equipment and personal safety rules apply to all visitors while in the warehouse or yard

  • Covered Shoes or Safety Boots/Shoes must be worn
  • Hi-Viz vests or Hi-Viz jacket must be worn

Smoking Rules

No smoking allowed on site.

Mondiale Plant & Equipment

You must not operate any Mondiale equipment.

Driver Safe Zones

The Driver Safe Zone is the cab area tothe front of the vehicle on the side where the hoist driver is loading/unloading.

Do not approach the forklift driver unless he has left the machine, always make eye contact with drivers near you and maintain a 3 meter distance from forklifts and other moving vehicles. Always be aware the forklifts are moving continually.


As Mondiale Freight Services is a high risk industrial environment with multiple hazards, the management discourages Carriers to bring passengers on to the site. You must advise the Forklift/Container Hoist driver of the other persons presence and ensure the passengers do not leave vehicle. You must not bring animals on to the site due to Mondiale RMP certification.

Accident and Incident Reporting

All injuries (no matter how small) hazards, near misses, spillage of oil or chemical and unsafe conditions, involving people or equipment damage must be reported to the Release Window Centre prior to leaving the site.

Procedure on Arrival

Please report to the Release Centre Window to process paperwork and receive instruc-tions. (see MAP below for location of Release Centre Window and site info)

Please have the following ready:

Export Air and Export Sea freight
  • Carters note with the Mondiale booking reference
Import Air and Sea freight
  • Mondiale Delivery Order (Sea only)
  • Customs Delivery Order
  • All other relevant paperwork for your consignment e.g. MPI release etc


Mondiale operate on "Pallet for Pallet" system. Please do not be offended if the forkhoist driver requests you unload cargo from pallets.

Site Evacuation

In the event of an evacuation alarm being raised move to the evacuation assembly point outside the exit gate.

Site Speed Limit

The site speed limit of 10 kph must not be exceeded

The Mondiale Yard

Gate 1
Main site Entry
76 Montgomerie Rd
Gate 5 MFS Car park & Head Office
77 Richard Pearse Drive
Gate 2 MWD Car park & Office Gate 6
Main site Exit
79 Richard Pearse Drive
Gate 3 MWD Yard Exit Gate 7 MFS use only Exit
Gate 4 MWD Yard Entry
75 Richard Pearse Drive
Gate 8 MFS use only Entry
MWD Mondiale Warehousing
 & Distribution
MFS Mondiale Freight Services
Site Plan / Map for Mondiale, Auckland
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